3 Myths about Life Coaching

3 myths about life coachingCoaching is often viewed in the wrong way and I have the feeling that this is preventing a lot of people from benefitting from it.

I want to briefly explain what Life Coaching is and tell you the truth on 3 Myths about Life Coaching.

  • Coaching is not therapy
  • Fix something wrong with me
  • Believing that you can do it yourself because Coaching is for the weak

Let’s go into detail about each point.

1. Coaching is not Therapy

We often think that asking for help is something related to mental health issues. Having a professional coach or therapist help you deal with issues you are struggling with within your life, has always had the stigma of being something that depressed people do, or someone that has to do with traumatic experiences during our teenage years.

Therapy is quite different from Life Coaching.

Therapy concentrates on the past. It deals with things related to your unconscious or past experiences that you need to explore and understand better because in some way they are having a deep effect on your present life.

With Life Coaching the focus is on the present and future.

It is a method that will bring you to plan your next step towards a goal.

I love Life Coaching because it makes you take action instead of thinking of what is wrong and how you should be.

Reflection is an important exercise. It helps to understand your true values, but the next thing to do is an act.

A Life Coach can motivate you and help you pursue your true aspirations.

Find a Life Coach now > Find a coach.

2. Fix something wrong with me

Coaching does not focus on something that is wrong with you. Differently from therapy, Coaching focuses on your potential. A coach believes that you can do it and he will stick with you till the end!

A therapist, however, can help you understand whether your experience is related to something happening in your life. The focus is on some aspect of your personality that needs improvement.

This will not happen in a coaching session. Your experience will help you understand how you reacted in certain situations and this, in turn, will help you deal with new situations in your present life.

Life Coaching is a journey to discover your potential and how to use it to achieve important life changes.

3. Believing that you can do it yourself because Coaching is for the weak!

There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself. A Life Coach wants you to believe in yourself.

What could bring you to not succeed in achieving the changes you wish to see in your life is the belief that you don’t need anyone near you telling you what to do!

How macho are you?! 😊

A Life Coach is not there to tell you what to do.

He helps to discover the right ways of doing things, he helps in motivating when things get hard, he helps to bring focus back on track when fear and anxiety try to discourage you.

There is nothing wrong with having someone helping you.

Maybe even someone that is an expert in your field that has lived similar experiences to yours and understands how you should act to get the most out of your life at this moment.

A Life Coach wants you to succeed

As Coaches we all wish you to succeed. No one wants to judge you or make you feel wrong or incapable of doing things.

Get to know your Coach better and let him guide you towards a better life. You might be incredibly surprised at how fast you will see the first results.

You might even feel grateful towards your Coach and that is the best thing that can happen to you!

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