4 Steps to Improve your Self-Motivation

Whatever your job is, you will always face difficulties and moments of great demotivation. Specially pilots and flight attendants. When talking about pilots, low levels of motivation could even bring to a precarious emotional state that can be dangerous for flight safety.

It is a serious problem and I want to face it giving you practical tools that you can use starting from today.

First, lets understand the problem.

To become a pilot or a flight attendant you need a high level of self-motivation, but not always you are able to find it.

It’s not a simple job and you don’t have a boss that can motivate you (or demotivate you more). Many managers have the ability to influence their team’s motivation positively and this is a good thing, but in aviation it is not always possible.

Yes, you might be lucky enough to have a colleague that can cheer you up evry now and then, but more often than never you have to rely on your own strength.

I will write another post just on pilots and flight attendants demotivation. Now let’s start talking about how to improve your self-motivation.

Let’s begin by understanding what is self-motivation.


Self-motivation is simply made of all your positive beliefs that have an influence so strong on you that you are able to face any problem or stressful situations much more easily than usual.

As you see there is no scientific definition, just common sense. You might have your own definition, this one is mine.

The tools that I am about to give you are part of my studies of Robin Sharma’s method learned in his books. All practical and useful tips, that will make great difference in your life.

Let’s start from small things that can change your daily motivation. Follow these tips for 21 days and you will see enormous changes in your life (later I will tell you why 21 days).

First of all you have to decide that you want to take care of your mind and body. Taking care of yourself is a responsibility that you have and it is the first thing that can make you feel that you are doing something proactive for yourself.

I have been following this rule for the last 4 months and I have seen the effect it has had in my life.

Time ago I wasn’t even able to wake up at a descent hour to be able to have breakfast, prepare myself for work and leave in time.

Instead now I am able to do some sport, study for my online master and get ready for work.

These are the fundamental steps I follow. Whether you are a pilot, flight attendant, manager, electrician, plumber or a student, the same rules will apply for everyone.


Our routine is an activity that can give us more or less available time during the day and it has the ability to make us feel happy or sad, energetic or stressed.

Having a healthy routine is something that will make us have clear ideas and toughts and in turn make us achieve our goals.

Daily routines are essential elements in our life and when we are not able to have some regularity we have to find a way to achieve our goals even if our mind is in total confusion not knowing what to do. So the first thing to do is:

Clear your mind from all the confusion.

Confusion doesn’t let us understand what we really want, we simply continue living the same life without actually knowing if the direction we are headed to is the right one or not.

So the first thing to do to start motivating yourself is to change your routine. Be more organized and more detailed understanding what you really want in your routine.


The new activities of your daily routines must be studied in a way that they will bring you closer to your goals.

Getting up early just because everybody is telling you that it’s a good thing doesn’t make much sense, find a true reason to do it.

Self-motivation means that you are able to find something really positive and energetic in your life that it will make you face any situation in your job or in your life without giving up or without feeling that you are not in control of the situation.

It’s something so powerful that it doesn’t just give you energy to pursue your goal, but also enough energy to face problems at work.

So, how can you find a reason to wake up early and start your day full of energy??

Find your true goal and your true purpose in life.


To understand which are your goals, you have to stop and think. Easy as that. Just think. We never think enough, too much facebook and twitter in our life. Stop and think.

It can be something related to work, something related to your personal life, to your studies, your relations, anything that is worth dedicating time of your precious life.

Anything that gives you so much energy is worth pursuing.

You have to feel it is the right time to start being proactive, you have to feel that you are ready to have in your life what you really want.

The good thing is that you can choose anything you want. You don’t have to give any explanation to no one, simply choose what you want and start. Never mind how you will do it, just choose what!


Let’s put all the points together now.

If you know what you want to achieve and you understand that having a healthy routine is important for your life, for your self-motivation and for having more energy in your daily activities, then you are ready to start your new routine for the next 21 days.

It is very important that you program correctly your routine because your self-motivation depends on the program and the goal you decided to achieve.

So, decide what you will start doing from tomorrow and follow the new routine for 21 days. These are the amount of days necessary to transform something new in a habit.

After 21 days you will feel that it is easier to follow the routine than it used to be at the beginning.

Once you achieved your goal you will feel satisfied and a great amount of energy will be flowing in your body and mind, it is this energy that will make you face difficulties at work with much more ease than you used to. This effect is called Self-Motivation!

Got it?! So all the best on your new routine and let me know how it goes.

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