5 Benefits of Coaching in Aviation

benefits of coaching in aviation

The benefits of Coaching are many and for several years now it has spread so much that we have seen the birth of different nuances of this discipline. From sports Coaching it moved on to Corporate Coaching, to Life Coaching and then the countless types that have followed one another in the last 10 years.

Coaching has become a familiar word that many use to indicate a path of change and improvement in which one person helps another to make the desired changes in their life.

But what makes it so popular?

The benefits of Coaching, are countless and I want to focus on 5 of them. The ability of Coaching is to make an expert, in any sector, someone else’s Coach. Like a sports coach, also an Aviation Coach can train the potential of people to give them the ability to self-govern change or improvements of some aspect of their life.

Therefore, let’s see in detail the benefits of Coaching in Aviation.

1. Increase self-awareness

Coaching allows you to stop for a moment and reflect on who you really are. Being authentic and honest with yourself is an important quality and it’s the starting point of any transformation. Change begins not so much when you have the solution to a problem, but when you are aware of where you are in the present and who you really are.

Your qualities and your ability to act in certain situations are the results of your experience, knowing what potential you can tap into to start changing is essential for your personal and professional growth.

2. You are never alone

At least in the initial stage of change, you are never alone. One of the benefits of Coaching is that the presence of the Coach in your life can inspire you and motivate you to succeed. One of the requirements of the Coach is to really want people to live better, so his almost innate ability to empathize and be present makes Coaching a “safe environment” for you.

The fear of change, the fear of failure and the pessimism that pervades every thought makes us victims of ourselves, but the Coach will allow you to face these obstacles by helping you find the right motivation to move forward.

3. The ability to be concrete and to act

This is the benefit that I personally prefer. Coaching can make you act and concretely lead you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goal. It is not done only by listing things to do, but a specific path is built together made up of stages and micro-objectives that the person will have to do between one meeting and another, at fixed deadlines, which will help him to continue his path towards the desired change.

The coach helps to clarify the real actions you can do, clarify if there are other people you can contact, places you need to visit, in short, whatever you need to do to achieve your goal is written and the results are measured to understand if you are following the right way.

benefits of coaching aviation support

4. You can rely on the Coach’s experience

Coaching is so powerful because it has spread to different sectors where experts from each sector, instead of teaching, have allowed people to “learn by doing”, to learn to act and be autonomous rather than giving them solutions or simple guidelines to be followed without taking responsibility for one’s actions.

In other words, as one of the fathers of Coaching Timothy Gallwey taught us, Coaching does not teach, it allows you to learn. Everyone tries to avoid change and to delegate to someone else or something else the responsibility for what is happening in his life, but no change will ever happen if you are unable to act personally and take responsibility for your actions.

5. Live a balanced and happy life

Perhaps this is the most important of all benefits of Coaching. I deliberately put the words balanced and happy next to each other, because life is made of ups and downs and it is not always possible to be constantly happy and we cannot always accept that things always go wrong.

The alternation of good and bad periods is normal, we must find the right balance that allows us to feel that we are in control of our choices, that we are aware of our qualities and abilities and that we love ourselves. So, I go back to benefit number 1: the ability to be authentic and feel good about yourself. It is essential to living a good life.

Even in Aviation, there are people who want to improve, find the initial motivation that led them to work in this sector, people who want to change some aspect of their life, not only professional but also private.

Coaching is a powerful tool that adapts to all sectors. Start your self-awareness journey and contact a Coach if you think you need someone to inspire you.

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