Aviation Jobs: The IATA Report

aviation jobsAviation jobs are increasing dramatically since we know that more people have the possibility to fly.

Thanks to low cost carriers the number of passengers is increasing significantly and we predict that it will double in the next 20 years.

This means that airlines will grow bigger as well as airports and a number of organizations related to aviation. In turn more aviation jobs will be available, not just existing ones will be more available, but also new positions will be created.

We already know that today we are facing pilot shortage and this problem will continue for the next 20 years. Flight schools will have to prepare more pilots, and airlines need to create the right scenarios in order to manage a large number of airplanes, staff and safety measures.

The same goes for flight attendants jobs and aircraft maintenance jobs, for the same reasons just described.

But these are not the only professions required.

As it appears, from the IATA Human Resources Report, there are mainly 3 areas that will require more people than others, in the next 20 years:

  • Ground operations
  • Customer Service
  • Cabin crew

I will go into detail of why these 3 areas will offer more jobs in aviation compared to others, further on in this post. Before you need to know what IATA discovered and how this information can help you.

Whether or not you are interested in a career aviation, there will be many job opportunities from now on and if you have the right skills, good qualifications and the right attitude, you might easily find a job in aviation.

Aviation Jobs

The IATA report on HR in aviation represents a good source of information to know what jobs will be more required.

This report is also a good starting point to begin research to know what to study and what to expect from the future if you are planning a career in aviation.

So, let’s see briefly the main points of this report. You can download the complete report directly from IATA’s website, after filling in their form:

Download the report

IATA HR Report

The report is based on a survey of over 100 HR professionals from airlines, airports and ground service providers, expert on jobs in aviation.

These professionals are responsible for training and development of staff around the world.

From the survey, you can understand the difficulties that recruiters have in finding talented people with the right skills to fulfil the needs of aviation operators. There is also another significant data that emerges from this report and it’s related to training.

The most required training fields are safety and customer services, as there is a continuous need to “spread” safety consciousness evermore. Customer service because today we are lacking what is commonly called politeness! 🙂

The 3 main areas I described earlier in this post are required the most for the following reasons:

  1. Ground operations are requested to fulfil the increase of airplanes in airports and to maintain them in airlines around the world.
  2. Customer service is needed as customers will still be using digital solutions for checking-in, for booking and even for assistance, but there is always a need for that human relation at airports for the right assistance that any customer expects.
  3. Cabin crew is related to the number of passengers increasing and to the number of personalized services that airlines will offer on their flights.

This is briefly what you will find in the report published by IATA on the future of aviation jobs.

I strongly suggest you download it (just 16 pages won’t take long), and then let us know you think about it!

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