Flight schools need new clients to survive and internet is a great place where to find new students.

Internet and Social Media have become the most important ways to promote any business activity.

Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes, an insurance or a new flight training course, each one of us will go to Google and ask to find where to find all these things.

Having a good presence online will enhance your business and let you find new clients.

Probably all of this is nothing new to you, but if you are managing a flight school you will probably be aware of the fact that there are still many of you that cannot be found online.

In this post I will teach you how to be online and how to use various ways to find new clients using a website and social media.

How flight schools can be found online

Having a presence online can be done in various ways. You can have a blog, a youtube channel, a facebook+linkedin+twitter page, all of these are good ways to have an online presence, but according to your target client and the services you are offering, you will have to choose the best tool.

My suggestion is to start with a blog and not just a simple website. People need to trust you before they can start gaining interest in your service.

Gain people’s trust

They need to know who you are, how you work, what other clients think of you and at the end what services you offer and your fees.

Today, like never before, the most important asset that you can have on internet is people’s attention and their trust!

No penny is more valuable than attention and trust nowadays.

When you have potential clients’ attention and trust they will start listening to you. Only when you have gained their trust they will consider your services as an option for them to become pilots.

Consider that everyday millions of article, images and videos are posted online, whether in social medias or in blogs, and this means that potential clients are bombarded with new information at every hour.

How can they possibly remember you or your flight school if they are continuously distracted from thousands of inputs?

There are a few things you can do to attract more attention. Lets see a few of these.

Posting interesting articles on your blog

If you don’t have a blog you will have to open one and the best option is to do it with WordPress. How to do this is part of another post, in today’s post we are focusing on how to get people to know your flight school.

Now I want you to focus on the content of a blog, for example.

As I said millions of articles are posted daily, so how to catch people’s attention?

Writing interesting article!

What makes a content interesting?

It has to be original, it has to be emotional and it has to be clear and focused on one subject. For this same reason I told you that I would not explain you how to open a blog, it is not the focus in this particular post.

An article has to be useful to the audience you are targeting. To know which arguments are more useful than others you can use a simple tool like AdWords or as it is called now, Google Ads.

It is a free tool provided by Google and it will help you find the key words that are searched daily on internet.

Another very simple way is to go on Google and start typing a few words and then letting Google complete the rest of the sentence. This is called Google suggest. Try it!

In this way you can find a lot of new ideas on arguments that people are already searching for online.

Get people excited and let emotions arise

Once you did this you have to write the post in such a way that it makes your audience get emotional, get them excited while reading. Not everyone is sensible enough to write in a poetic way, but that is actually something you don’t need to do.

Being emotional and getting people excited about opening a blog and finding new clients, is nothing poetic, but I could simply list the things you have to or I could tell you a story about why it’s important to get people to know you personally and let them trust you for who you are more than what you are offering.

So try by writing the “About us” page and describe yourself as if you were telling a story to your best friend.


Write an article on your favorite subject in aviation and simply let your passion get through the words and reach your audience.

Writing to your audience gives them the opportunity to know who you are and that is your main asset. After that people will be more open to listen about your services.

Managing Social Media

We are not social media managers and we don’t need to become one. You could let a professional manage your pages, but I suggest to start on your own and learn a few important lessons.

First of all don’t focus on getting hundreds of thousands of likes. It is best to have less people, but the good ones! Those that are truly interested in you.

To do this open a Facebook page and post daily, at least one post per day, but in my experience I suggest you post at least three times a days.

You don’t need to publish at every 4 hours interrupting what you are doing, there are tools that allow you to schedule posts.

I use Hootsuite.

The same thing I do with Twitter and other Social Media such as Linkedin and Instagram.

You can also pay for sharing posts and images on Facebook and Twitter and get more people to see your page. I suggest you do this, but it will take some time to learn how to use it properly. You might want to get a professional manager just for this service.

Getting close to the end of this post, these are some quick, but practical suggestions I give you if you are starting to promote your flight school online. Follow these simple steps and you will start getting good results almost immediately.

On the long run, it will take time to get to big numbers in terms of people visiting your blog and your social media pages. Persist and you will succeed!