pilota di lineaIf your dream is to become a pilot you will need all the information possible. You will need to know what licenses you need and how much it costs to become a pilot.

We all know that becoming an airline pilot is expensive, but there are some solutions to find the necessary amount to pay for your training.

I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of all the youngsters between 18 and 25 years of age that want to become a pilot, but don’t know where to start and how to find the money to achieve what is probably the most important choice of their life.

To become a pilot you can study full time or part-time. I will explain you both ways and how cost changes between the two.

So lets start!.

How much does it cost to become a pilot

These are the costs you will face for each license:

  1. PPL – 13.000€/9,200$
  2. CPL – 30.000€/24,000$
  3. ATPL – 70.000€/60,000$

Lets start from the higher cost and then we’ll see all the details of the other ones.

The airline pilot license or ATPL can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Integrated Flight Training
  2. Modular Flight Training

The integrated training consists in doing all the 3 licenses in the same flight school and following a full time training. Besides these licenses you will also be able to accomplish other ones such as the Multi Crew Coordination – MCC, Multi Engine Rating, Night rating, etc.

The modular training consists in a part-time training which means that you follow the lessons according to your free time if you are working and you will fly whenever possible for you. You might even follow your training in different flight schools during the time you train.

Clearly the modular training is the best solution for those who cannot afford to pay for the full training all at once.

Consider that you need 45 hours of flying time for your PPL license and 150 hours for your CPL license.

Hour building will be your major cost.

By following the modular training you can pay whenever you have the money and this means that you can also work while studying.

pilota di linea cabina

How cost changes according to nations

The cost of ATPL license changes in every nation. In Europe you can find the same course for 50.000€ in Czeck Republic and for 130.000€ in the Netherlands.

In the US flight training is a lot cheaper at the point that many European students go there for hour building. If you are in Europe and you want to build a lot of hours in a short period you can buy hour packets reducing cost per hour.

Studying abroad

As I already mentioned, price changes according to nation. This can be another solution to reduce cost: get your flight training abroad. This will increases other costs such as paying for a house rent, food, transportation, etc. But still it will be much cheaper compared to the Netherlands.

Costs are different between nations because flight schools clearly have different managing costs, different fuel costs and so on. East European countries and even Grece are amongst the cheapest in Europe.

How to pay for your flight training

You have different options if you need to find the money to pay your ATPL training. Everything depends from your starting point, if you are already working or not.

1. You just started thinking of becoming a pilot and you don’t have a job: if this is your case then you will have to start looking for a job. This will make your training longer, but you will be able to pay for the whole course and not get anyone else pay for you.

You will need to manage very carefully the money you earn and dedicate part of your earnings for your training.  If you are living with your parents and they provide for you then this will help you save much more, but if you are living alone and need to pay also rent and food, then things will get more difficult.

2. Ask for a loan: You can ask your parents to pay for you, but in case you will not be able to finish your training the risk of losing the money will be all on your parents.

You can ask a bank and get the necessary amount required, in this case it’s all on you… if the bank agrees. To increase the possibility to receive a loan from the bank you can look for a flight school with a good reputation and with good connections with airlines.

3. Sponsored: You can get sponsored by an airline that will pay for your training. When you will start flying for them you will get payed less in order to pay back the company. In any case this type of sponsorship happens very rarely.

Concluding this post, there is one more thing you need to know to become a pilot. This part has nothing to do with money, time, licenses, etc. This part has to do only with you.

Becoming a pilot requires a lot of effort and the bigger the effort bigger the reward!

Money and finding the right way to become a pilot are just obstacles to which you will easily find a solution.

It is much harder to find a solution to your wrong attitude and lack of devotion to your goal. These will make your dream crumble if you don’t take good care of them!