piloti daltoniciIt’s not easy to find a job in Aviation.

Many people want to work close to airplanes or in the tourism field and for this reason they look for a job in aviation, either in an airport, with an airline or in other fields linked to aviation (travel agency).

In this post I will show you what kind of jobs you can do and how to find them according to your preference and professional background.

Let’s start and see how to find a job in aviation.

Airport Jobs

First of all you will find may jobs at airports, simply because there are many different things to do: from baggage handling to local airline manager you can find a wide variety of occupations.

To start working at an airport you should understand what qualifications are required for the position you are applying.

It might be that you require a license that enables you to work as a ground operator on a specific airplane. For example, if you need to manage a team of ground operators that work on airplanes at the gate (refueling, cleaning the cabin, reloading the catering, etc.), in many cases you will have to be licensed for a specific airplane type, in order to perform a quick maintenance or have the ability to understand if the airplane requires any major maintenance before flight.

You can find many jobs at airports applying directly with the airport itself or with an airline. For example, if you speak several languages you can apply to become a check-in operator. You will work for the airport and check-in passengers by helping them go through the process of registration and baggage loading.

Airline Jobs

Probably the main idea of a job in an airline that comes to your mind is as a pilot. But there are many other jobs you can do. Many airlines hire engineers that can plan and schedule flights in order to make time scheduling more efficient.

Each airline has a flight dispatcher. His job is to plan the best routes that pilots should follow to reach all the destinations that the airline flies to. This planning is not easy and you must have a wide knowledge of aviation rules and regulations, airplane performance and meteorology.

You can work for an airline in maintenance. You will have to be licensed and have good technical skills. This job has a high level of responsibility, but you have your hands on airplanes every single day.

Pilot Jobs

We are currently living in a historical period for aviation where there is a world wide pilot shortage. There is an increasing need for pilots so this is the right moment to decide to become one.

According to Boeing the industry will need 637,000 pilots in the next 20 years. You can find a big amount of job offers all over the world as a co-pilot or captain. If you still are student pilot, then move on with it because competition is increasing.

Flight Attendant Job

This is another dream job for many people, specially girls. Meeting people, serving drinks and snacks, travelling, free hotels, big salary… nothing of all of this is true!

Working as a flight attendant is not easy: long working hours, always walking in uncomfortable shoes, getting stressed by passengers, eating left overs and low salaries.

Today it is not the best job in aviation, but still it can be a good starting point for a career. As pilots are required, even flight attendants are. Probably in the beginning you will often change airline before ending up in one of the major ones.

Aviation Job Search

So, where to find all these jobs?!

One of the websites I follow is AviationCV.com. They have a good connection with airlines and aviation companies and there are always a lot of job offers.

Another website I like is Aviationjobsearch.com. I used it a lot to find management jobs in Airlines (not an easy position), and I found quite a few offers.

The last one I want you to check out is the Flight Global job offer page. They provide aviation intelligence and data so they should know quite well who is looking for people to hire.

If you’re not looking on these websites then simply visit directly airline’s website for any openings.

These are the jobs you can find in aviation. There are definitely many more, but it can take some time to find the right one, you will need to study and get certified in some cases, but it’s worth trying!