How to Manage a Project in Aviation

how to manage projects in aviation

What project? Any!

Following a project in Aviation is not much different than following a project in other industries.

Are you a project manager and you are working in Aviation?

Project management principals are applied in the same way in any field.

In this post I want to give you some simple and practical information on what to do if you are currently following some project in Aviation.

What is a Project?

A project is a series of tasks required to reach an objective.

These tasks can be simple or complex and they can be managed by one person or a team.


The first and more important characteristic of a project is its goal or goals.

The better these are defined the easier it will be to understand what you or the members of your team have to do.

Also, having a clear goal set in your mind and in your charts, will give clarity to your role, your tasks and time management.

To set clear goals you have to investigate with your client.

A client is not only a customer that pays for your services, but you also work with internal clients within your organization. These can be members of another department for example.

Try to understand what is their real need, keep it real and define specific actions and timings for each task and for the overall project itself.

If want to understand how to set goals, read this article: “How to Understand Which are your Goals”.

Time Management

Another very important thing to do when you are following a project, is to carefully manage time.

Yours and other people’s time.

It is not enough to just set a timing for each task according to the deadline, this doesn’t guarantee that the goal will be reached in time.

The most important part is to supervise and keep under control time.

Don’t let time manage you, but be the one managing time according to the deadline.

Managing other people’s time

Getting other people to do what they need to do… and ON TIME!

You have to be able to mange other people’s time without doing their job.

This means that if you have delegated a task to some member of your team or if you are expecting something from a supplier, you have to follow up on their activity without making them feel that they are not in control.

Managing other people’s time doesn’t mean that you have to continuously pressure them, they must always be responsible for their job, but it falls under your responsibility to supervise and control of time according to the deadline.

Lets say that you have to keep under control the big picture, whilst everyone else has to be focused on their tasks.

How to do this?

Very simply keep a to do list.

You might already be doing this.

Write down in a sheet all the activities that you have to follow, without putting any person in charge, after all it is still your responsibility to get things done!

Don’t even put dates. Simply put what has to be done. Let’s call them sub-goals.

Just write down what to do and everyday go through that list and update the status of the activity. Whenever you don’t know the status of a task, speak to the person following that specific activity and understand at what point he is.

It is a very simple tool. Not an official tool I would say, but simple things always work.

Besides this list you will also keep your Gantt chart, your agenda and whatever tools you are used to have with you.

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