acieving goalWhen you need to achieve a goal you need some basic elements that can bridge you from where you are now to where you wish to be in some time.

To explain you what are these basic elements I am posting an answer I gave to a reader of this blog that wrote to me some time ago.

If you you want to understand what are your goals, try to answer all the questions you find in the post.

This is my answer.

“There is no easy solution that can change things in your life in a short time, but I can give you some practical tools to help you understand what steps you have take.

No one, if not yourself, has the ability to understand what are the possibilities and opportunities that you have in your life.

Follow this programme

Start from understanding what qualities or abilities you have, define what goals you want to achieve, define the obsticles you face, and lastly create a plan to achieve your goals.

Answer these questions

In your email you wrote that you wish to go back working in aviation as a pilot like you used to do many years ago.

  • What type of job exactly?
  • What made you wish to go back to aviation?
  • What makes you feel unsatisfied of your current job?
  • The experience gained up to now in your current job, gave you any skill that can distinguish you from other pilots?
  • What goals do you want to achieve?
  • By when?
  • How realistic are they?

When deciding what your goals are, keep in mind they have to be SMART.

Specific (I want to work in an aero taxi company).

Measurable (I want to study 1 hour per day for my commercial pilot license).

Attainable (why are you doing it? what will you gain?).

Relevant (I can’t become an astronaut, but I can work for a small cargo airline).

Timly (within one year I must have my license).

Write down your goals

You have to write down your goals starting from the last one, the bigger one, the ultimate goal you wish to achieve.

After you wrote down the last one, you will have to write down all the previous ones that you need to do before achieving the ultime goal.

For example, if you want to paint a wall yellow, the last thing you will do is apply the paint, before that you have to plaster the wall, before that you have to procure the material, before that you have to find the right place where you can find the tone of color you need, etc….

Not having clear goals makes everything more difficult

Not having clear goals makes things more difficult and it doesn’t let us see what are the right steps we have to take.

It also has another effect: it doesn’t let us see the obsticles we are facing.

Obsticles can be within us or around us. If we cannot see them we will not be able to find solutions to overcome them.

In the mail you wrote that you are facing a difficult indusrty (Aviation). Answer these questions:

  • What are the difficulties you are facing?
  • What did you do?
  • What results did you achieve till now?
  • Which strategies have worked better?
  • What are your expectations?

In your email you also told me that everyone around you were telling you to opt for a safe job, something that can give you more stability.

This is an example of internal obsticle.

Sure, the influence that other people have on us is not an obsticle, but their judgmentis.

Judgment of other people can create in us a sense of pessimism that invades all of our thoughts and beliefes and this makes us stop. We prefer to listen to these voices instead of persuing our goal.

I don’t know what makes you want to fly and work in aviation, but I want to help people achieve their goals, this is why I created this blog and why I am fascinated with coaching.

Your choice, of starting working in aviation as a pilot, is realistic and I am sure it is something you will achieve. It won’t be easy though.

The questions in this post probably have already been answered by you. All the tools I am giving you are a way to clarify your mind and feelings towards the difficulties you are facing”.

End of email.

Ok, now, this was the final part of the email, but anyone can write to me. I will be glad to read you!

Tell me about your present situation and what are your goals, and together we will find a solution to achieve them.

In the meantime, apply all the rules I gave you in this post and let me know how it goes!