New Strategic Marketing for Airlines

marketing viaggi in aereo compagnie aereeHow should airline’s marketing be? What role does the client have today? What does it mean to fly in 2017?

From my point of view, in 2016, service provided to passengers was NOT at all satisfying and analyzing opinions of other passengers, I might not be the only one thinking this.

Now flying is no longer a simple way of transportation, now flying has become a new form of entertainment.

You don’t take the plane to go to New York, but you go to New York also because you have to take the plane!

There are even some passengers that choose to go to visit some specific cities because they know that an airline uses the Airbus A380 on that route.

Now, people chose to fly like if they had to choose between this or that luxury hotel.

It is almost like buying a car: it is no longer a way of transport, but it has become a dream object.

How we got to this point doesn’t matter, the important thing is that the airlines must change the way they do marketing.

Customer Satisfaction

Perception of customers towards airline service has changed in last years. The value given to objects or services is no longer an objective value made of the sum of the cost of each component, but nowadays we tend to give an emotional value too.

People buy emotions, they buy something that allows them to make their life easier, dynamic, a life in which there is little to think, but a lot to feel.

An emotional feeling that brings people to speak about the experience of flying and not only their trip in this or that other city.

The flight and the experience with an airline now occupies half of travel stories.

Did you ever notice this?

When a friend comes back from a trip, don’t you ask him how it was to fly with that airline?

That should be enough to understand why it is so important to safeguard air travels and satisfy passengers expectations.

Passengers are like kids when riding a roller coaster.

On a plane you sit down and turn on the entertainment system, read the menu to choose what to eat during the flight like of you were at in a 5 star restaurant.

You even have lights along the ceiling of the corridors that change colors. Chrometherapy?! 🙂

Anyways, these are all small details that add charm to the experience.

So, airlines must change the way they do marketing and they must do it by listening their passenger’s needs.

Get as much Information as Possible

Airlines must collect information and translate each new information into services. Whoever has more information will have a greater strategic competitive advantage.

Onassis once said that to compete it’s enough to have a bit more information than the others.

Knowing very well your own clients and giving them what in their view is a service worth paying, is the only way to succeed today.

People want value and Airlines must give them what they are ready to pay.

But not just Airlines. Each and every company working today in aviation should follow this rule:

Information = strategic competitive advantage

How to Start?

  • Collect information about your clients
  • Try to know them better
  • Give them what they are willing to pay
  • Make them live an experience

This is the new airlines strategic marketing.

Collecting information is easy. Facebook, for example, earns billons by selling information to companies.

Each time you read something about Delta, United or British Airways, or every time you search something about these airlines, the information you were looking for is collected and processed to understand what potential customers want.

Whoever is faster in integrating the information collected within its own organization, will defeat competition more easily and much faster.

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