Pilot Shortage: Boeing Informs

World pilot shortage is become an issue and something has to be done.

This is good news for flight schools and flight training organizations.

More pilots needed, more business for them.

This is also good news for who wants to become a pilot as more jobs will be available.

Boeing informs the world on the number of pilots required.

In the next 20 years we will need 635.000 airlines pilots, 96.000 business pilots and 59.000 helicopter pilots.

This means that the number of pilots required are double the present number of pilots.

These numbers are based on the number of airplanes planned to build in the next 20 years, which is 42.700.

Even Airbus has forecast their sells and will be building 37.400 airplanes.

Pilot shortage is already happening and pilot training is booming like never before.

Lack of pilots are effecting specially regional airlines which struggle to grow and need more pilots to increase the number of flights.

Qantas e Singapore Airlines are already improving and expending their training with new opportunities for student pilots.

Even Boeing and Airbus have started offering pilot training to guide pilots from ab-initio experience as first officer on their airplanes and started collaborating with some airlines. See Airbus and Vietjet flight school.

The highest requirement of pilots will be in Asia. Already now more pilots are required as more people are able to fly with low cost airlines. Th consequence of this is clearly and increase in air traffic, pilot shortage, crew shortage and ATC personnel.

Only in Asia, Boeing forecast’s 261.000 pilots in the next 20 years, 206.000 in North America and 146.000 in Europe.

How many flight attendants are required?

Clearly as more airplanes are sold more crews are needed and this means not just pilots, but also flight attendants.

It’s estimated that 858.000 new flight attendants will be hired.

This increase is not determined only by the number of planes built, but also by the number of seats as airplanes will have more seats available and more personalized services.

Also in this case the highest increase will be in Asia where 321.000 flight attendants will be needed, 184.000 in Europe, 227.000 between South and North America.

Less maintenance

MRO organizations will require less personnel. There will still be a significant increase as 622.000 technicians will be needed in the next 20 years.

Less technicians means less costs for airlines and this can be achieved thanks to the longer periods between the scheduled maintenance that each aircraft has to grow threw during its years of service.

It is clear that aviation is a growing industry and this is the right time to be in it.

If you are planning to become a pilot, flight attendant or technician start now because the future seems bright.

Clearly all of this will have an impact on flight safety and the ability of the people working in aviation to adapt to an always more dynamic environment.

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