Safety Culture and Social Media in Aviation

We often talk about safety in aviation and how pilots are facing a great number of problems. Also, passengers need more services and the future of aviation needs more pilots and therefore a better safety system to manage the increasing air traffic.

Passengers are worried about the increasing number of airplanes in the sky and concern for aviation safety generates the need to search for more information on the solutions taken to cope with the problem. What I mean is that passengers and aviation enthusiasts rely a lot on what social media offers in terms of news and specific information from professionals (pilots, flight attendants, plane crash investigators). 

In this sense, I relate to Seth Godin’s post in which he reminds us of the power we have in building culture. Basically, there are more people reading social media than writing in them, more people watching videos instead of creating them, more people reading twits and not writing them, and I think about the number of people in aviation that could contribute more by using social media to spread a better culture in aviation.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the main social media I use and the number of pilots I see that continuously publish photos about themselves is endless.

There is nothing wrong in publishing photos about yourself, but once you got the number of followers why not get them to understand more about safety in aviation.

We are used to thinking that true scientific results should come only from awarded scientific sources such as universities or research centres. This is true, but nowadays things are very different.

With social media, anyone can publish about something that is happening in their life, and if you are truly willing to get more people to know what is happening in aviation you can publish it on social media or a website.

You don’t need to be a scientist, if you have an idea to improve yours and other pilot’s life, then let as many people know about it.

What is stopping you?

Going back to Seth Godin’s post, what really pulls us back is the responsibility of what we say. With power comes responsibility and this is what people are afraid of.

Why not try to get into details of things and write more about aviation safety culture and get future pilots and passengers more aware of what is really going on in your job?

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