The Shortest Flight in the World

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The shortest scheduled flight in the world takes less than 2 minutes!

The flight is between Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland. Performed by Loganair with their Brittain Norman Islander. The distance covered is only 1.7 miles or 2.7 kilometers.

The Islands are situated in northern part of United Kingdom and the Loganair flights are the main transportation used by the people living in that area.


Almost like a bus service hopping from one island to other, this transportation service is subsidized by the government.

A life-line service between islands, these flights guarantee a continuous service even with bad weather. A ferry might be stuck for weeks before it could move to another island, but by air it is much faster and easier.

The kind of passengers are quite unique too. Often there are school teachers, students and even bankers, vets, electricians, etc., that move between islands with Loganair and assist the community.


If you are planning to visit this part of the world then you should go to Kirkwall, spend a day there and the next day fly to Westray and Papa Westray to fly the shortest flight in the world.

The airports are so small and the number of passenger is so low that there are no security checks at Kirkwall; the other good news is that there is a maximum baggage allowance of 15kg. Not bad considering that most low cost airlines allow a less kilo’s per passenger.

Hoping the weather is good the flight can take place only if there is good visibility as pilots follow visual flight rules, VFR.

Fog or clouds should not be lower than 300ft otherwise passengers will not be able to fly and the flight will be canceled.

Hope you will plan to visit these islands and fly on the shortest flight in the world!

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