surveyI am glad that finally, I can publish this post because it marks an important milestone for

Finally, the Survey on Awareness of Coaching in aviation is ready and it’s currently under testing. With this survey, we want to measure not only the awareness of coaching amongst aviation professionals but also the perceived effectiveness of CRM and the general wellbeing of key stakeholders in aviation.

It has not been easy and I hope that it will provide a good amount of data that will benefit all professional coaches in aviation.

We know that we are living a historical moment in our lives and that this pandemic will be remembered for many years to come. It has increased everyone’s awareness of the importance of wellbeing, relationships, having goals and giving yourself options instead of building your life in only one single direction.

We know that coaching can play an important role in this new level of awareness and we want to know more about it. For this reason, we decided to build this survey that will give us some answers and help us develop an effective coaching community to support our friends in aviation.

This survey has been built in partnership with Munster Technological University and will be administered to all professionals in aviation.

It is currently under testing and soon will be published. As soon as we are ready to go I will update you!

In the meantime, if there is anything you wish to know, please write your questions in the comments below. Thank you!