Aviation has seen more than 120 years of developments that changed our lives. We witnessed an amazing revolution that brought the world to high levels of connection. I believe that the second revolution we witnessed after Aviation, is Internet.

We are all part of these two amazing elements that have a strong positive impact on our lives, both as users and as influencers.

Aviationcoaching.com brings all of this together and uses Internet, Networking and a Social Community Culture to change people’s lives in Aviation.

Up to now the focus in Aviation was on technology and services to passengers, but it’s time to take care of the people that work in this industry. Our call to you is to make you jump from the spectator’s seat and run on the stage to become part of the actors that can make a difference for other people!

Your role in this is made easy by our platform that allows you to be part of the only Aviation Coaching community and gives Aviation Professionals the opportunity to meet you and benefit from your services.

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