What Do You Think About the Italian Airline Alitalia

alitaliaOne of the most known airlines in the world is Alitalia. Italy’s number one airline has it all: style, good food and happy people on board. Feels like Italy in the sky!

As an italian maybe I am on Alitalia’s side a bit too much, but haven’t always been.

In the past there were moments where I really never thought the italian airline could come out of the problems the company was facing and that still is having to deal with.

Nevertheless there are good news for all Alitalia’s fans.

Guess who is the second most on time airline in Europe?!

Yes, Alitalia.

With 83.2% flights landed on schedule. Data was collected by FlightStats one of the few companies that monitor flights operated by each airline.

FlightStats awarded Alitalia with a certificate of excellence attesting its position among the most efficient European airlines.

Service on board Alitalia flights

If we really want to know how an airline’s service is, then we have to fly long!

The best way to know what the airline is offering it’s passengers is by flying for many hours on a long haul flight.

I haven’t been on an Alitalia flight for many years now, but technology helps the lazy ones and youtube helps us to get to know better what Alitalia has to offer.

Who else could present it better if not Sam Chui?

He has been on Alitalia’s Boeing 777 from Tokyo to Rome in “Classe Magnifica”, otherwise known as Business Class.

Fine food and wine, also a nice chat with the captain. The experience of Sam with Alitalia seemed quite pleasant.

To see how it is to fly with Alitalia in their business class check out Sam’s video here.

Let me know if you have also flown recently with Alitalia and how was your experience with them.

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