What is the Difference Between Private Pilot and Airline Pilot

private pilotQuite simply the difference between these two pilots is that one gets paid to fly and the other one loses money every time he gets off the ground.

Besides this, I understand that many people want to become airline pilots, but can’t afford it, so there life takes another path and they end up doing another job.

Many of these people will choose to become private pilots and still enjoy flying.

Flying privately is actually quite satisfying. You will not end up flying a Boeing 747, but you can still enjoy long trips.

A private pilots will find him self doing exactly what airlines pilots do:

  • they will fly in the same airspace
  • they almost have the same workload
  • they need to know how to use the radio
  • they must have good knowledge of air law
  • they get to fly long distances
  • they can land in big airports (not all)
  • they get to plan there flight
  • they must know how to read weather charts
  • they must know how to read airport and navigation charts

These are just some of the things in common between private pilots and airline pilots.

Besides the common activities, flying privately and not as a professional pilot is also fun. You get to fly whenever you want, wherever you want and you have the freedom of doing anything you want provided you follow norms and regulations.

Flying privately gives you the possibility of using an airplane as a private means of transportation. If you can afford your airplane you can fly your self anywhere. Holidays in this way are less stressful and you can enjoy flying knowing that you are going to relax with family and friends.

As an airline pilot you are restricted to company rules, rosters, working on holidays, flying in almost any weather conditions, getting up early, not having a routine, not being able to spend enough time with your family, and so on.

It’s true that you have the best seat in the plane and your life is less boring, but even if you don’t become an airline pilot and you “limit” yourself to being a private pilot, you will still enjoy flying.

So, if you decide to become a private pilot and you think that you are missing out because you’re not employed in an airline, don’t worry, you’re not missing anything.

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