Facilitators as Coaches

Here is an interesting Training Manual published by Nasa on Facilitating LOS Debriefings (Click here). There are many similarities between Coaching techniques and Facilitating. The role of a Ficilitator can be improved using new specific Coaching techniques.

I used this article for a one day training session for Instructor Pilots of an Italian Airline. There was a lot of enthusiasm in learning new techniques, but specially in understanding more about Coaching and it’s benefits. Pilots were very insterested in understanding more about Motivation. Next training session will focus on this topic.

They need to understand more about Motivation because their own company is not providing them any job satisfaction and therefore no motivation in improving their job quality. This also has a repercussion on their quality life increasing stress levels. This is what I would all to understand about Coaching in Aviation. It is not based on procedures or norms, but it focuses on the person, on the human part of your life and not on your role as a pilot or any other kind of job you do in aviation.


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