“I am capable, under the supervision of an instructor, to pilot a plane!” This can be said today from the first boy of the “In Flight with Teens” program, a project aimed at all young teenagers to discover their potential, abilities and talents.

This Sunday the first plane carrying a 17-year-old teen has taken off. He wanted to try the Coaching program that includes a flight with an instructor at an airfield in Pordenone, Italy.

As planed, he was introduced to basic flight techniques, to flight instruments and then he did a 20 minutes flight. In all the experience on board was approximately 30 minutes.
It ‘s been very exciting, of course, this was mainly for who has experienced first-hand the flight, but also for us Coaches that have seen his concentration on what the instructor was explaining to him and his self-control to contain excitement and enthusiasm.

Soon a full day will be organized for a group of teenagers. A day dedicated entirely to flight with some theoretical lessons in the classroom with a flight instructor and practical activities on aircrafts, with the conclusion at the end of the day with a real flight in which they can practice what they have learned during the day.

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