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Robin Ferrier – One Small Step

As an airline captain for 20 years I have suffered all the slings and arrows that life in aviation can throw at you, and I have survived and thrived through these demanding periods, not least of which is this period of trauma due to covid.

These demands upon me inspired me to train as a coach and RTT therapist with a specialism in helping pilots and cabin crew find their way forward when life throws curve balls at them.

We focus on your immediate and longer term needs and we use all the lastest skills and tools that are available to help us get to your desired goal.

I even help you to define your goals. Pilots in particular have a difficulty in contemplating help from a coach or therapist. As pilots we are trained to be independent, in control, ahead of the machine, with multiple options available. We are continually monitored and checked for signs of weakness or uncertainty.

Our medicals require us to confirm on every renewal that we are mentally fit for the job and so, is it any wonder that so many pilots find it hard to reach out for help when often all that is needed is to know that you are not alone, someone understands who has been there, and that there is always a solution that can be found, despite the myriad emotions that course through your mind when life is not following the flight plan.

Everybody is welcome. There is a time to be independent, tough and in control. In the cockpit. In your life … it is right and proper to say “I have control … but can you help me”. The help is right here. Don’t let life take hold of you as a victim. Its time to tell the universe that “I’ve got this” … because you have. You just need a little help from a friend to get you there. I am excited to help you on your way to happiness and rest assured that your confidentiality is assured. Author of “LIfe Resource Management (LRM) – A Flyers Guide to Surviving Life”.

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