To explain better how Coaching works I decided to publish a series of articles that explain each step that a Coach follows during a Coaching session.

Coaching is also defined as the art of asking questions, and it is with questions that a Coach helps a person to understand what his/hers present situation is and what goals he/she wants to achieve.

I have briefly already described these steps in the page Aviation Coaching for Pilots.

In each Coaching session a Coach has to follow these 6 steps:

  1. Focus
  2. Positive qualities
  3. Plan of Actions
  4. Goals
  5. Obstacles
  6. Results

As a Coach, I can say that it is importante to understand exactly what is the purpose of following the same pattern at each session. First of all, it makes the person I am working with more secure and more confident and will talk freely about his situation; second, it orientates me during the session and helps me know in what step I am working on.

This means that in a session of an hour I will start from the Focus (understanding what is the problem and what goals the person wants to achieve) and touch all the six steps up to the results.

In the next articles I will explain in more detail all the six points. Whether working one-on-one with a person, or in a company with a manager, or in aviation with a pilot or flight assistant these six steps don’t change.

So follow the six articels to learn more on Humanistic Coaching.