As for any scientific subject there is one thing that we must keep in mind when studying a phenomenon, we must keep mind the we must follow a scientific method. There always has to be proof of a theory or hypothisis; experiments must be done in order to prove scientifically a theory, whithout the influence of other variables that can disrupt our study.

Also Humanistic Coaching follows a scientific method by demonstrating it’s theories. Humanistic Coaching is a practical application of positive psychology and other theories of various psychological fields, suche as organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc.

The same thing has to be done when apllying Coaching to Aviation. In this case Aviation Psychology will be also applyed using the Coaching method. In other words: Coaching provides a method, a way of doing something (in this csae Coaching another persone or organization) and it’s contents are given by Aviation Psychology.

So the first thing to do is to find a general definition that can be world wide accepted. For this reason I wil give you the definition of Humanistic Coaching, which will give us the possibility to build a definition of Aviation Coaching.

Humanistic Coaching is:

“A training and development method for people who want to change realistically their lifes and achieve specific goals”.

It’s philosofical bases are found in Positive Psychology and Greek Philosofy. Happiness and self wellbeing are it’s main subjects.

Based on this definition we can define Aviation Coaching as:

A training and development method based on Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Life Coaching applied to Aviation for Pilots, Managers, Ground staff and Technical staff in Airline Companies, Airports and any other Aeronautical Organization, Aviation Training Centers Staff and Flight Instructors. It’s theoratical basis or found in Positive Psychology and Aviation Psychology”.

The key word is “Method”. This word defines the fact that there are instruments and procedures that are used by the Coach and the Coachee during a Coaching programe to achieve specific goals. These instruments are found in cognitive psychology (self-efficacy, locus of control, motivation thoeries), in work and organizational psychology (leadership, organizational culture and climate, communication), social psychology (group psychology, relationships), etc.

Contact me for more informations on this topic. Aviation Coaching is in it’s first era, but it will bring a lot of new solutions to aviation.



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