Who has been following me for a while knows that I’ve been living in India and this, as one might expect, brings me to do a lot of  extravagant experiences.

Amazing country, for the beautiful things, but also for the ones that are not so beautiful… and there are many here, but it’s all part of the game (my game, because I live here), therefore we adapt and we try to absorb the circumstances at doses and not all at once.

Well, except for my experiences, among other things, I found myself flying with a well known Indian low cost airline: Indigo.

It’s one of the biggest Indian airlines and it’s the one that holds the highest percentage of market in terms of passengers carried: 39,8%.

Like so many unorganized things in India, I was expecting the same: delays, rudeness, lack of hygiene, and so on. The thing that amazed me is that all of this wasn’t there!

Was it an Indian reality that does not belong to India?! Is it even possible??

Astonished, I relaxed, but not too much. After all it is still India.

Instead the three flights that I made with them have gone fantastically well!

A small delay on an evening flight with the explanation of the captain (a woman, something not very common since India is a highly male-dominated country).

The delay already started in the morning with the flight from Kolkata. So nothing to worry about.

The service was impeccable. Like all the low cost in the world, if you want to eat you pay, but the longest flight was only of 3 hours and a dinner with the famous Hyderabad Biryani rise was waiting for me.

The politeness of the flight attendants was great. I was in India and there were people who offered a service with international standards.

Two flight attendants even walked for 10 minutes along the aisle holding in their arms a little baby who was crying.

Small things that made a big differences for those two parents that for sure will decide to fly again with Indigo.

I understood that politeness really pays.

Certainly the price plays an important role, after all for an Indian also what is free is too expensive!

But here there are at least two other low cost airlines here, Spicejet and GoAir, which have competitive prices.

Being polite can make the difference between “I will choose to fly with you again” and  “I will never  fly with you again”.

At work, at the restaurant, at the bank, at a gas station, with your parents, with friends and neighbours.

Politeness is something that everyone expects, but it seems that today it’s the exception and not the rule.

Therefore, airlines should  invest much more on welfare and working conditions of those who work closely with customers.

An employee satisfied of the companies culture and their working conditions will have greater work efficiency and will be more willing to be genuinely polite with customers.

A loyal customer will  do  positive publicity and will bring many more people to buy tickets with that airline.

So, what is your experience with the airlinen you fly more often? And  the politeness  of the people you meet??