Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact of Coaching in different areas. A study lead by Wales (2003) on 16 managers who had experienced Coaching before, has shown that there are two topics that emerge: stress management and the balance between work and private life. Managers have said that Coaching has enabled them to reduce stress levels and that they felt calmer and able to handle work pressure. Balance between work and private life, Coaching has allowed them to have a clearer idea on the different roles they play in their lives.

The positive effect is due to the fact that Coaching allows:
• continuously train your qualities / capacities – “training“;
• reflect and focus on specific themes – “observation“;
• pay attention to items that have higher priority than others – “orientation“;
• acquire new knowledge about personal growth – “knowledge“;
• build solutions and promote functional activities – “solutions“;
• tangible results, and achieve specific goals – “results“;

A generic Coaching model can be described as:

Goals -> Action Plan -> Actions -> Monitoring -> Evaluation -> Action Plan Modification -> Back to Goals or Actions

In a Coaching session we first understand what you want to achieve, what your goals are. Then we build an action plan in which we decide what will be the actions that you will do to achieve your goals. Then you will put the plan in action. We will monitor the results of your actions, evaluate if you are going in the right direction. If it will be necessary we will change the action plan.

The main goal is that you get to where you want to be. The most importan tthing to understand is that you must do something, fidically move, in other words, you must do an action to change your situation. Coaching will bring you to do those actions and bring you out of your Coaching zone.


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